Previously reported as a work-in-progress, a 59-foot Gundam robot has finally reached completion and is giving audiences a showcase of how a gargantuan humanoid figure would move like in real life.

Developed with the aid of Japanese engineers, Gundam Model number RX-78F00 is the brainchild of Masaki Kawahara—the same person who brought the first-ever full-scale Gundam in Odaiba, Japan in 2009.


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Perched at the Yamashita Futou harbor within Yokohama’s Chinatown, the site adopted the name “Gundam Factory” because of the successful project.

Curious individuals who will take the effort to visit the area where the 25-ton Gundam lies could do so either at a fair distance or more up close and personal via the giant replica’s supporting platform, which looks like a rocket launching station.

While the massive Gundam figure is indeed the main highlight of the sight, diehard fans will have another reason to visit the location to satisfy their peculiar interest—Gundam-themed foods as well as merchandise.

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