A robot designed to remind the public to wear a mask and maintain social distancing was deployed in a shop in Osaka, all in a bid to fight off the proliferation of the novel coronavirus.

Apart from playing the role of a “reminder” to the moving public, the developing company, Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (Kyoto), sees the potential of their creation as a replacement for actual human staff.

The trial officially started last Wednesday at Cerezo Osaka, a Japanese professional soccer club merchandise store, located at the Suminoe Ward. Although expected for a run time until only November 30, the test could see an extension.


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Built with a camera and sensors, the robot is strategically placed in the store in order to observe movement and calculate distances among customers.

Individuals who are found not wearing a mask are then flagged which prompts an attending staff for validation.

With the ability to effectively distinguish between products and persons, the robot fulfills its duty in warning people to maintain distance when in line.

Source: Japan Today

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