Ever the optimist, human kind has looked into the future and foresaw better living brought by technology. Some of the past’s visionaries turned out to be correct with these specific predictions.

AT&T in 1993 foretelling ebooks and devices with wireless connectivity

The onset of living rooms with home entertainment systems

Apple visualizing a personal assistant like Siri, along with touch-enabled displays and video calls

The advent of home computing

The Internet as the one place for communication, shopping, entertainment, and work

The home computer as the housekeeper and personal secretary

But the people of yesteryears have also made outlandish and funny predictions that, even to this day, have yet to come to fruition. At the turn of the century, the skies were thought to be brimming with flying cars already. The Moon should, by now, have a thriving human colony or even robots at a large scale. And where’s that magic pill that can cure any ailment or substitute a full meal? From time travel to teleportation and underwater metropolises, the list goes on.

Nevertheless, it’s good to be hopeful and appreciative of the wonders of technology. To infinity and beyond!

[Via: Mashable]

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