O+ USA has been going big for a while now, and for the second time around released another huge phablet called as the O+ Fab Elite. Despite the typical 5.7-inch phablet screen size, they breached the boundary even further by going to the Galaxy Mega and Z Ultra route with a 6.5-inch display.

What’s in the box?

In the box you would see the normal stuff: the battery, user manual, microUSB cable, charging wall adaptor, and an extra free screen protector.

O+ Fab Elite Accessories

What we like among all the accessories included is the free Sennheiser earphones. During our previous reviews, you guys probably noticed that O+ is very generous in providing freebies like 4/8GB SanDisk microSD cards and high quality accessories to bundle with their products.

Free Sennheiser earphones


First we’ve really noticed how huge this phone is and it’s a little heavy. But, that’s what you should actually expect in a phablet like this one. I mean, you will not buy this device if you want a small smartphone, right?

O+ Fab Elite

O+ also included an uber stylish Smart Cover with the O+ Fab Elite. This gives it a more premium feel than their recent devices like the O+ 8.16 and O+ 8.15.  The material used is very high quality – a brushed leather-like design that impressively complements the back cover.

Smart Cover of O Plus Fab EliteThe back cover also has this unique texture giving the phone an elegant look and gives the user a more secure grip on it.

Back of Fab Elite by O +

We’ve also noticed that the home button is a little bit flimsy. We’re not currently sure if it’s because the button was just too large or what. We’ll learn more about it as we go in our full review in the coming weeks.

The boot-up was relatively fast. MediaTek’s 1.5GHz Quad-Core processor and 1GB of RAM were really showing up on this one. The initial game that we’ve played, the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, run seamlessly, fast, and smooth. The Fab Elite didn’t have any problems during gameply even on semi-high settings.

Gaming on phablet OPlus Fab Elite

O+ Fab Elite is boldly priced at Php18,995 and is already available on O+ stores and retailers nationwide.

Check out our video!

UPDATE: O+ Fab Elite video review

Is it really worth it for this hefty price tag? We’ll find out more in our upcoming review. For now, enjoy our unboxing and hands-on video. Check out the full specs of O+ Fab Elite here.

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  1. mediatek tas 18k sino naman bibili nyan kaya sguro umabot ng ganyan ang price dahil dun sa senheiser tsaka sa sandisk na memcard

  2. Only a clueless tech imbecile would buy this. If I were the CEO of this lousy company I’d immediately slash Php7k off its reg. srp. (and save face)

    1. Same price nga… mahina pa na man yung Mega 5.8 at nasa 1.4ghz lang clockspeed nun,dual core pa….. kung 6.3 na lang sana,atsaka 20k plus price tag nun..