Apple is clearly moving towards embracing USB Type-C in its products.

Since the MacBooks moved to USB Type-C several years ago, compatibility between Apple products like the iPhone and Apple Watch have been kind of rough. Both products uses USB Type-A at the other end of their cables, so they aren’t compatible with the MacBook without using adapters.

Apple wants to change that as it releases a new USB-C charger for the Apple Watch. Price starts at $29 (~Php1,600) for a 0.3m long cable. The company didn’t mention longer 1m and 2m options, so it’s highly likely that they are not yet available.


As for charging time, it will probably stay the same because Apple did not indicate any change in the power delivery department. In short, it’s basically a switch to the modern connectivity standard.

The Cupertino company is scheduled to announce a new iPad Pro on the 30th of October and we’ve been hearing rumors that it could possibly be the first iPad to have a USB-C port instead of Apple’s Lightning. With the help of Apple’s influence, we’re hoping that every other brand would jump on board and drop the old microUSB standard soon.

Source: Apple

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