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Google Pixel Buds, Nest Mini, and Nest WiFi announced


Google has announced a bunch of new devices recently, and 3 of those new additions are the Google Pixel Buds true-wireless earphones, the Nest Mini and the Nest WiFi.

The newest generation of the Google Home Mini promises a better speaker despite its signature small size. Starting with the design, despite looking similar to the previous version, the fabric used for the new Google Nest Mini is a durable fabric made of 100% recycled plastic. Other physical features are the same except for a mounting hole underneath.


Inside the device, Google upgraded the speaker and added another microphone for better sound and voice capture. The newly released Nest devices have ultrasound technology that senses when a user is near the device and lights up.

Touch sensors indicated by LED lights can be used on top of the device which can control the volume and play/pause.


Any Bluetooth 5.0 devices can connect to the device and it has a built-in Chromecast feature. It comes in 4 colors – Charcoal, Sky, Coral, and Chalk. The Google Nest Mini will be available on October 22 and is priced at USB49 (~Php 2,500).


Designed as a smart speaker and router in one device, company also announced the release of Google Nest WiFi. Users can connect it directly to the modem and boost the WiFi connectivity range. Google advertised a 25% better WiFi coverage per Nest Wifi device which can be enhanced when more Nest WiFi access points are installed.

Like with the Nest Mini, the Nest WiFi also has ultrasound technology. The top of the device has volume and play/pause touch control. When interacting with the device, it emits a ring of light underneath which signals users it is active. It comes in Snow, Mist and Sand colors while the point extenders only come in Snow.


The Nest Wifi point has speakers on the bottom of the device and has Google Assistant features. A bundle of the Nest Wifi Router and Access Points will cost USD269 (~Php 13,900), while a single Nest Wifi router is priced at USD169 (~Php 8,700). Google also packaged a Nest Wifi with three additional point extenders for USD349 (~Php 17,900).

Hopefully, it arrives in the Philippines as an ISP bundle, like what PLDT did on the Google Home WiFi.


Lastly, new Google in-ear wireless earbuds are an upgraded version of the previously released Pixel Buds. It comes with standard support features such as Google Assistant and Google Translate.  A special feature of the new Google Pixel Buds is the Adaptive Sound, which senses the background noise and adjusts the volume of the earbuds for better hearing.

The new Pixel Buds also boasts its Bluetooth range which can stay connected to a device from 3 rooms away. Any device with Bluetooth 4.0+ can take full advantage of this feature. Better call quality and passive noise cancellation are also some of the improvements made by Google on its latest true wireless earbuds.


Google designed the Pixel Buds to fit a wide range of ear shapes with its in-ear design and special fits that come in different sizes. The earbud colors are available in Clearly White, Oh So Orange, Quite Mint and Almost Black. This should match the available colors of the also newly announced Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL smartphones.

Each pair of the Google Pixel Buds come with an oval-shaped case that also acts as a charging case. The earbuds can last up to 5 hours of usage and 24 hours when charged using the case. Priced at USD179 (~Php9,200), the new Pixel Buds are set to release on Spring 2020.


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