MyPhone just introduced their newest summerrific promo which entitles a buyer a Php1.00 TV phone (a freebie) if they will buy a brand new MyPhone A848i Duo. Basically, it’s a promo bundle that means you’ll get an android phone and one TV phone for less than Php6k.

Let me clear things first. You will only be entitled to avail the Php1.00 promo if you buy a MyPhone A848i Duo which costs Php5,990. In total, you will pay Php5,991 to get the two phones which is really not a bad deal at all. The A848i Duo has decent specs that will be able to give a satisfying android experience. If you’re on a tight budget, I highly recommend the MyPhone A848 Duo (read our review here) as it sufficient for an entry-level android performance.

Buy MyPhone A848i Duo and Get B88+ for only Php1

Aside from the PISO deal, the MyPhone A888 Duo and MyPhone A919 Duo are also on sale. However, since the rumored MyPhone A919i Duo and MyPhone A919 3D Duo are nearing its launch, I think it’s best if you just save your money for a while to get the either of the two. Also, we expect that the price of these two will be lowered even more once the new set of MyPhone android phones come out. But if you can’t hold on, then go on and buy any of these MyPhone android phones starting tomorrow! The Summerrific promo is from April 20 to April 30, 2013 only.

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  1. pls reply
    do u think 1st or 2nd week of may they will release the new phones
    actually i want a848g but cant w8 because we will travel in 1st week of may so i need phone but a848i has a jellybean update
    all i want i a848g is that is jellybean update and 5k?? only is that true?
    and if ever they release it a919i first and the 3d one i cant w8 .pls reply

  2. Panalo sa A848i at A888 buyers, parang triple sim na at tv ka pa:)
    pero sa A919, better wait for A919i na lng, sulit un iadd mo for quad core