It looks like we’re in for another brawl between iPhone and Android users as a new Galaxy S4 commercial appears. Go check it out after the jump.

Some smartphones are smarter than other smartphones

The setting is on a graduation pool party and a lot of guys carry a young Samsung Galaxy S4 while some older peeps come with the iPhone 5. Obviously, since this is a GS4 advertisement, the main highlights are its new features which they showed to iOS users.

iPhone users amazed by GS4 on the Samsung Galaxy S4 commercial [Video]

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The video commercial is really entertaining and they’ve thrown a lot of humor into it. The idea is nice and it’s even better than the Galaxy S3 commercial before which is equally hilarious.

This new video will probably heat up another Samsung versus Apple battle as well as disastrous trolling between Team iOS and Team Android. Well, at least we had a good laugh.

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