One of the most precious messaging app that is available on Android and iOS was brought to a larger community including the S40, Symbian and Bada users. More people will now enjoy the great free messaging and calling service of Viber. With this development, we can expect more mobile phone users will dive in to the craze of internet based messaging.


The Viber app was originally available only for iOS but since then it has grown its number of users in tremendous digits through its support in Android. It reached 70 million happy users last May and now, it achieved an amazing milestone – it surpassed the 100 million mark of registered users. Isn’t that nice?

The Viber for Blackberry and Windows phone was recently added to their arsenal and they want to further expand their reach in relation to their milestone. According to Viber , there were about 1.5 million S40 phones sold upon the OS’s ¬†appearance in the market so that simply means they will be using a huge chunk of users if they will not have a S40 version. However, only the messaging feature is enabled for now but lets all hope that the calling feature will be added soon.


Another thing that came through was the ability of HD calls using Windows phones were now available. If you’re not aware, the first version of Viber for both Blackberry and Windows Phone doesn’t support calls and they were limited to text and photo messaging (currently available in Nokia Lumia devices). This improvement was done due to the partnership with Nokia.

Viber can now be downloaded on S40, Symbian and Bada powered phones. Will you give it a try?

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