Facing tight competition in the electric vehicle industry, Yamaha really wants to establish itself as a trusted brand for scooters, mopeds and motorcycles that are powered by electric motors.

We’ve already seen the Yamaha E01 as well as the Neo. Now, the Japanese motorcycle maker also unveiled the Yamaha EMF electric scooter.

This two-wheeled EV offers better utility than a typical scooter while maintaining a friendly appeal. It’s powered by a 7.6kW (10.3hp) electric motor with a peak torque of 26Nm at 2,500rpm. In addition, the Yamaha EMF can accelerate from zero to 50 kilometers per hour in just 3.5 seconds. Its use of opposing four-piston radial calipers along with selectable power modes allow for improved braking setup and handling.

From the trailer alone, the Yamaha EMF certainly leaves a lasting impression:

But perhaps the most interesting feature of the Yamaha EMF is its battery. Yamaha partnered with Taiwanese company GoGoro to equip the EMF with a battery that, when it’s running low on power, can be easily replaced with another unit at a battery-swapping station.

From an environmental standpoint, Yamaha sees the EMF as a “strategic” EV that will contribute to the company’s carbon neutrality goal. Specifically, the company is targeting a 90-percent reduction in CO2 emissions from its sold products by 2050 versus the company’s 2010 emission levels.


The Yamaha EMF started selling in Taiwan in March. There’s no word that this EV will reach the Philippine market anytime soon, let alone battery swapping stations like GoGoro’s network.

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