Remember when robbers used to focus on jewelry and money? Well, in today’s modern world, rare and hard-to-find tech items seem to be the hot ticket. And by tech items, we mean the latest NVIDIA RTX 3090 video cards, as a huge chunk of them were reportedly stolen from an MSI factory in China.

It’s believed that about 40 boxes of MSI NVIDIA RTX 3090 cards with a value of CNY2,200,000 (around Php16 million) were stolen from their factory. That’s roughly about 200 units gone, which makes the card’s availability even worse.

The company said that the heist might be an inside job since the shipping bay in the factory has CCTV security, and everything that’s coming in and out is being inspected.

MSI is offering a CNY100,000 (around Php736,000) reward to those who can give information and even offer clemency to those involved in the heist as long as they give information and help recover the stolen cards.


Just like the PS5, it looks like getting the latest NVIDIA RTX 30 series cards are getting harder and harder. Other than the manufacturing delays and elaborate heists just like this, it’s been previously reported that NVIDIA sold a huge chunk of cards to miners.

Thieves targeting high-value tech products isn’t new. A recent report from the UK reveals that robbers will raid PS5 delivery trucks in a Fast and Furious style heist.

Via: PCGamer

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