Xiaomi has such a wide array of products that some new releases wouldn’t get a formal introduction. One of those kinds of products is the new Xiaomi Mi Display 1A, which just randomly put up on sale at Xiaomi’s Chinese website.

Knowing the brand, the Xiaomi Mi Display 1A is not going to be your ordinary 23.8-inch display. For starters, it has a sleek and clean look, with ultra-thin bezels on the top and both sides.


Partnered with its 178-degree wide viewing angle and modern ports, you can daisy chain three of them. Perfect for those who are into multi-monitor setups.

It also has a clean matte design on the back, with the only Mi logo present, embossed in large font.


However, it looks like it won’t have VESA support. The HDMI port and power are built-in on the bottom of the stand. Which means that the stand will be non-removable.

Now, for the specs. The Xiaomi Mi Display 1A has a 23.8-inch IPS panel with a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution. It has a 1000:1 contrast ratio and 250cd/m2 brightness. That should be enough for normal workload and minor photo and video editing.


It has a 6ms response time and a 60Hz refresh rate. It’s not the fastest monitor we’ve seen. But unless you’re a competitive gamer, and you’re on a budget, this will do just fine.

Speaking of which, the Xiaomi Mi Display 1A has a price of only CNY699 (~Php5,000). It’s now available in China, while the release details in other markets are yet to be announced. This shall go nice with Xiaomi’s other PC peripherals like the gaming mouse and mechanical keyboard.

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  1. Please teach me how to daisy chain three monitors like you said.
    Because I want to buy three of this monitor but don’t know how to daisy chain with HDMI port.