Individuals who are fond of playing video games, either as a hobby or a passion, is almost midway through overtaking the world. That is, based on the data that suggest that nearly 40% of the world’s entire population are playing video games, in one platform or another.

Specifically, DFC Intelligence claims that there were roughly 3.1 billion people who fall under the category of video game consumers as of the middle part of 2020. Which, in context, makes for a substantial part of the nearly 8 billion individuals who roam the planet.


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Although to the contention of some, the fastest growing aspect of the trend is mobile gaming. Often times, there are arguments that mobile devices are not a legitimate platform for gaming. Smartphones have become an essential part of people’s lifestyle, aside from being a means for communication. Now, it’s also widely used for gaming.

Surprisingly enough, only 8.1% of the 3.1 billion gaming population consists of console gamers. Considering the cost that comes with the past time, this relatively small population of gamers are the ones to spend the most.

Consequently, the report suggest that many are choosing to play either on their mobile devices (43.9%) or on PC (48%). But it also does claim of a potential overlap in the numbers between mobile and PC gamers, alluding to persons who play on both platforms. 

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