Sony just announced a PlayStation 5 event set on the 4th of June.

In a blog post, Sony stated that they will be talking about the games that will be coming to the PlayStation by the holiday season. Essentially, this is some sort of teaser to keep gamers excited about the company’s new gaming console.

UPDATE: Sony has postponed the online event.

We still don’t know all the games or developers that are working with Sony for the PS5’s launch, but the President and CEO Jim Ryan of Sony Interactive Entertainment is definitely building up the hype. In fact, Sony recently revealed that the PS5 is up to 100 times faster than the PS4.

Ryan also mentioned that studios big and small are developing games for the PlayStation 5, so it looks like there’s no shortage of games for the holidays. The online presentation of the games is expected to last for more than an hour.

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Sony has announced the specs of the PS5 as well as its new DualSense controller, but we are yet to see the actual gaming console. Hopefully, Sony would give us a glimpse on how the PlayStation 5 will look like in this event.

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