Riot Games is reportedly looking into adapting its popular, free-to-play hero shooter Valorant for the mobile platform.

UPDATE: Riot Games finally confirmed that Valorant Mobile is coming to smartphones.

A report of a Valorant Mobile game first came in February from AFKGaming, which reported that data miners discovered new strings of hidden code that pointed to mobile-related UI and features.

A month later, video game insider PlayerIGN posted on Twitter that the game would be announced in June or summer in the US, though he also noted that it could be delayed. June is assumed to be the right month to announce, as that’s when the E3 2021 gaming conference will be.


In his tweet, PlayerIGN also revealed that recently announced PUBG: New State would have alpha testing in late 2021 and that Apex Legends Mobile would have a soft release four months after.

Avid mobile gamers will surely want Valorant in their smartphones, but Riot Games should arguably and effectively combat toxicity in its gaming community first.

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