As promised in our Facebook fan page a few days ago, we will now start the raffle of one of the 2 (two) DTC phones we have. NoypiGeeks and DTC are very happy to announce that our giveaway of a DTC GT2 Touch phone is now up! The phone is a simple touch screen phone with the ability to play your favourite TV shows straight from the handset itself! It is so calm yet so nice with the usual mobile features such as dual-SIM text messaging, camera and video shooting, and playing music among others.



The GT2 touch phone retails for just Php2,799. With that price, you’ll get a fairly large 3.2-inch LCD resistive (very responsive) touch screen display, multimedia playing features, dual-SIM, mobile TV, and a large battery capacity of 1500mAh! Fair enough? The mobile doesn’t support Wi-Fi though and lacks 3G too. However, with a mere 3k, don’t expect much from it yet. I’ll be giving more details and will be updating this post about this phone later on. In the meantime, here’s the pictures I have taken.

UPDATE: Quick Review

The GT2 Toucscreen phone seem to be a nice phone as a back up. The screen is huge although the resolution is not good and I can see bad viewing angles at times. The body feels to be solid and looks much stronger than that of the GT3 Astroid. Strange enough, although it is much smaller than the DTC Astroid, it is little heavier than the later. Maybe it is because pf its metal like body and casing.

The OS embedded in the handset is the popular default china OS. It was revamped to be a look alike of the HTC Sense UI which can be seen right in the homescreen. The user experience is okay though it’s screen is not that responsive because it has a resistive one which is almost obsolete nowadays.

The striking feature of this phone would be the dual-SIM and mobile TV. It has an antenna to get stronger signal while watching so you’ll get the most of the viewing experience. I have tried it but I didn’t get much quality because it seems like we have poor signal in our house. Overall, I think DTC GT2 touch phone is okay. The battery lasts long enough for standard use but if you’ll use it for multimedia playing, it will get exhausted quickly for sure.



Alright, just like what we did before, we will make this giveaway as easy as possible. Follow all the instructions given below to earn your entries! There are some tasks there that you can do once per day so be sure to check it out everyday to increase your chances of winning the DTC GT2 touch phone.

As for the GT3 Astroid android phone, we will be posting about the details of its giveaway within a few days after we finished our review. Until then, lets start the ball rolling!

[important]** TIP: After the giveaway ends, we will carefully validate the entries of chosen winner. That being said, make sure to check your entries because not following the mechanics will result into a disqualification.[/important]

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** This giveaway is sponsored by DTC Mobile Philippines.

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  1. The SpecS are awEsomE!! ExcEllenT!!! it suitS to my DaiLy activity! Can’t wait to PurchaSE tHis iteM herE in DaVaO! aNd be a LuckY winner of this GiveAwaY!