To those who know it, Greenify has always been at the top of the best battery-saving applications for Android. With the power to force hibernate running apps from the background, Greenify offers a ground-breaking feature that was, at the time, unique to its own.

Unbeknown to most users, our Android devices are not really too efficient in managing its resources. Bloatware-aside, this pertains to the mobile operating system’s inability to carefully manage running apps from the background that, if left unto itself, would continue to hog any available resource resulting to a cumbersome experience we call “lag.”

When “lag” happens, the actual specifications of your phone would hardly matter, regardless of how capable it is. For instance, what’s the use of a 3GB or more of RAM when majority of its available memory is only taken space by apps that are not in active use? Capacity means nothing when the actual workload is not made efficient.


That is perhaps one of the major drawbacks of the Android operating system which the developers failed to oversee and fix, even with the subsequent iterations of the software. Then again, this very same fault is what made an app like Greenify of utmost importance, even for the average, less witting user.

But Greenify, as great as it is, is not just the app of its kind in the Android space. Looking into Google Play Store, there are plenty of other battery-saving apps out there, all of which features a capability that is probably at par with Greenify.

Today, we take a look at the best alternative battery applications to Greenify as seen on the Google Play Store (in no ranking order).




Kaspersky Battery Life

Kaspersky is a brand name most people know in PC for its amazing line-up of anti-virus suites that had been safeguarding our computers. Putting its prowess in software engineering as brought to the Android platform, the Kaspersky Battery Life is born which mimics the best elements that made Greenify stood out from the crowd—the ability to kill background processes that are not really needed and even freeze apps at a whim.




If you are looking for a hands-on app that has functionalities akin to Greenify, Brevent makes for a perfect solution due to its strict monitoring of running apps in the background. Unlike other apps whose design is to tolerate the running of background processes without any live activity, Brevent is smartly-designed to kill any program meeting the aforementioned conditions. This app is truly handy in keeping battery-sucking programs out of the picture, therefore conserving the phone’s battery charge for longer as possible.



Ice Box

Ice Box should be pretty self-explanatory in what it does based on what its name suggests—it has the power to freeze unwanted apps from running in a background akin to how a literal ice box keep everything chilled within. Put in the context of Android, this suggests freezing certain applications to prevent them from running unwittingly to the user and thereby conserve the phone’s battery charge for as long as possible.

Another major perk of using Ice Box is that it enables an overview of the extent of usage of phone resources each app consumes. Like Greenify, Ice Box works on both rooted and non-rooted devices, but may differ in certain features in either.




Servicely is another battery-saving app that is similar to Greenify in its most important role, that is, having the power to impose control on which apps are allowed to run in the background and which are not. However, unlike most of the apps that made the list, Servicely is strictly functional only to a rooted device which insinuates a level of access to the phone’s resources when operating which a non-rooted device is severely limited to.




Hibernator, true to its name, is an app quite synonymous to Greenify in that it has the power to forced active background processes to go into “hibernation mode” as imposed by the user. However, much like the idea that hibernation is not necessarily indefinite, processes that are put to sleep subsequently return to their active state after a certain period. Lastly, it also works on both rooted and non-rooted Android devices.

So, there it goes — the top 5 best battery-saving applications for Android aside from Greenify. If you have any questions or suggestions, let us know by dropping a message in the comments section below.

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    1. Almost all of them are pretty easy to setup with built-in optimizations turned on upon install. :-)