After some years of hiatus, the popular Japanese manga Hunter X Hunter by author Yoshihiro Togashi is making a return, according to a viral tweet.

Making a buzz in the Japanese Twitter community, the tweet shows a partial image of a paper that resembles a manga panel as well as a caption stating, “4 more chapters for the time being.”


Additionally, the tweet also claims that the mangaka has already completed 6 new chapters of his highly-popular manga title and is then tied to the caption suggesting that 4 additional chapters are still in the works.

In mere hours, the Twitter account, which appears to be newly made and is unconfirmed whether it is Togashi’s or not, accumulated around 200k likes. While it might seem suspicious, another mangaka—One Punch Man author Yasuke Murata—confirmed it, citing how he “was with the person” himself in his retweet.

Via: ComicBook

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