Two of the automotive industries top brands, Toyota and Subaru, are in on a joint venture that will give consumers an electric-powered vehicle in the future.

Toyota is not necessarily new to the EV (electric vehicle) race, with the previous history of producing its own electric vehicle in the past. But it’s nowhere the kind of product that is expected to take the world by storm.


In an attempt to keep up with major players in the exact same space, Toyota is partnering up with Subaru once again, following a successful partnership that gave off the BRZ/GR 86 twins.

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Arising from the joint venture is a family of products known as “bZ.” In time for the Shanghai Auto Show, the two manufacturers are showcasing the rugged and forward-thinking “bZ4X Concept.”


Without going too deep into the technical details, it appears that some of the vehicle’s highlights include a modular design, an all-wheel-drive system, a solar panel, and a battery that withstands extreme cold weather.

With EV seeing high demand in China, the bZ4X will see production in the country, in addition to Toyota and Subaru’s home country, Japan.

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