YouTube’s tougher crackdown on ad blockers didn’t stop users from finding ways to make unskippable ads bearable as much as possible.

A previous report reveals that YouTube’s crackdown only pushed people to install better ad blockers. With YouTube’s new rule, a user trying to watch a YouTube video will get a persistent notice to disable ad blockers or subscribe to YouTube Premium before the video is played.

Since the video won’t play with an ad blocker enabled, there’s a new extension that will mute and increase the playback speed of the YouTube ads so it’s slightly more bearable.

The said extension, called Ad Accelerator, is available on Chromium-based browsers such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Installation of Ad Accelerator is fairly easy and works instantly as soon as it detects an advertisement playing on YouTube. We tried it and 5-second ads go away in a snap. Also, since it’s muted, there’s no surprising spike in audio volume that loud ads usually have.

The Ad Accelerator is an open-source browser extension with the source code available for checking on GitHub.

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