While Cherry Mobile officially launched the Windows and Windows Phone-powered Alpha Series about a couple or so weeks ago, it was only yesterday that they started airing the Alpha Series TVC starring Kim Chiu! The TVC highlighted live tiles and other cool features of the Windows and Windows Phone platforms as well as their ability to sync between each other. In case you guys weren’t able to catch the TVC, here it is for your viewing pleasure.

The Alpha Series is significant is because it brings the Windows and Windows Phone platform to consumers at unbelievably low price points. The Alpha Style, for example, is a 4 inch WP8.1 smartphone rocking a quad core processor for just Php2,999, which is said to be the most affordable Windows Phone handset in the world. The other WP8.1 handset in Cherry Mobile’s lineup, the Alpha Luxe, retails for just Php4,999 while the 8 inch Alpha Play and 10.1 inch Alpha Morph Windows tablets sell for just Php7,999 and Php11,999 respectively.

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