Apple’s new iPhone 2018 line-up comes with faster processors and better cameras over its predecessor. While its new A12 Bionic chip was able to top the AnTuTu Benchmark, its camera system only falls second place in the popular DXoMark ratings.

For those who are unfamiliar, DXoMark conducts a thorough review and analysis of different camera systems, even the ones found on smartphones.

And being the best smartphone that Apple currently makes, they put up the new iPhone XS Max through its paces, and found out that it did perform really well, but not enough to dethrone the current title holder — the Huawei P20 Pro.


DXoMark gave the iPhone XS Max a score of 105 points, taking the second spot on the overall rankings, while the P20 Pro is still unbeaten at 109 points.

The testing website did praise the iPhone XS Max for its good camera performance in well-lit scenarios. Its new Smart HDR feature definitely comes in to play here. Images taken outdoors offer great details, colors, and the Portrait mode delivers a believable Bokeh look.

However, DXoMark saw that it falls short in zoom performance. They also said that the P20 Pro delivers better performance in low-light scenarios as the XS Max shows more luminance noise.


The verdict in still images is carried over to the video recording performance. Again, it has great colors, dynamic range, as well as reliable autofocus and good image stabilization. However, it does struggle again in low-light scenarios.

We’ll see how the Huawei P20 Pro holds up once the Google Pixel 3, and even Huawei’s own Mate 20, comes into the picture in the next couple of weeks.

Source: DXoMark

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