With the release of Samsung’s next flagship smartphone based on the Galaxy series just released, many eagerly jumped to the offer. But instead of getting delighted by their purchase, a good small portion of those same users give vent to frustration from what appears to be a random restarting issue inherent in the device’s hardware.

One Reddit user who was unfortunate enough to be among those small numbers affected by the issue claimed that the issue is mostly apparent when the device is idle. Like leaving the device running on his pocket or bag, only to intuitively find it restarted because it asks for a PIN instead of a fingerprint to open.

As it appears, the issue, however, does not trigger when the Samsung Galaxy S8 is in active use.

When many may easily put assumption to the problem as one rooted in software glitch which can be fixed with the right configuration somewhere in the device, doing a factory reset does nothing in solving the actual problem. At least, according to the same Redditor who raised the problem to the online community.

With the aforementioned Redditor being only of the many few others who are in the same plight, the real root cause of the problem is still yet to be pinpointed and consequently be fixed by the Korean company.

Although a problem of this nature is common to electronic devices such as the older versions of smartphone and tablet running on earlier iterations of Android OS, to actually see the same issue existing on a Samsung Galaxy flagship is indeed frustrating, especially if you are paying a fortune to get it.

Over a month ago, the Galaxy S8’s security was also tested and it sparked concerns because the facial recognition software was bypassed by using a photo of the owner.

If this is enough resolve to address the problem that is affecting the inauspicious few customers, there were reports that Samsung is asking those affected customers to send back their newly bought devices for repair, if not get a refund for their faulty device.

Source: Samsung Forums, XDA-Developers

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