Spotify, the audio streaming giant, recently announced on its website that they are entering the audiobook scene, integrating books you can listen into a single app along with its music and podcast services.

Their CEO, Daniel Ek, was also excited to share the news on X (formerly Twitter) about the company’s next evolution and expanding its customer base to cater to audiobook fans.

This is an excellent move by Spotify as they challenge the popular audiobook provider, Amazon’s Audible, to gain market share.

The new service will be added to its premium feature, allowing its 220 million subscribers to enjoy a monthly allowance of fifteen (15) hours of listening to any title from their catalog’s over 150,000 audiobooks from various publishers. 

However, super audiobook users who spend their allotted 15 hours will need to buy an additional 10 hours top-up to finish their book or start a new one.

This feature is set to roll out first in the UK and Australia, soon in the US, before expanding to the rest of the world. Sadly, the Philippines is not yet included in the first listed countries where the new feature will be available. Still, it’s something to look forward to and a silver lining that Filipino premium users can be excited about, as the music streaming platform recently increased its monthly subscription price in the Philippines.

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