Just days before leaving office, United States’ Trump admin has reportedly ordered Intel and other suppliers that they are revoking the license they granted that will allow them to work with Chinese tech giant Huawei.

A leaked email from last Friday reveals that the Semiconductor Industry Association said that the Commerce Department issued its intents to deny a large number of license request for exports to Huawei. Plus, a revocation of at least a single previously issued license.

However, one source claims that there were actually at least eight existing licenses that have been repealed from four companies.

The email also noted that the government’s move spans a broad range of products within the semicon industry. It’s said that a couple of requested licenses have been on queue for months and are being denied just now, just before outgoing US president Donald Trump leaves the office.


United States’ Commerce Department hasn’t confirmed the latest development but told Reuters that it continues to work with government agencies to consistently apply licensing rules that will help protect “US national security and foreign policy interests.”

The companies involved are yet to release a statement.

Source: Reuters

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