Just a week after Vivo announced the release date of the Vivo V15, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer introduced its sub-brand called iQOO along with a futuristic teaser.

On their new Weibo account, the company posted a question “If you don’t know how to read “iQOO” you are not alone. Do you know how to read our name?” which generated 1,300 comments. Vivo has already registered the domain name although it can’t be accessed at the moment.


Up to this date, the company and its sub-brand remain mum about any device releasing under this new name. But we might get to see the actual iQOO smartphone soon as Vivo mentioned that they would send out one of their devices to a lucky follower.

The iQOO phones is expected to be a premium gaming brand of the company, may be similar to ZTE’s Nubia and its Red Magic handsets. We just saw the Realme spinoff from OPPO, which targets the opposite side of the spectrum by offering devices like the Realme C1.


It looks like creating a sub-brand is a trend in smartphone manufacturers now, with Redmi separating from Xiaomi a few weeks ago with its Note 7 as the latest.

Since there’s no further information available about IQOO, all we can do now is guess on how to pronounce it correctly.

Do you have a guess? Share your suggestions with us by commenting below!

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