Dennis Anthony Uy, Converge’s CEO and co-founder, said that the company is yet to reach any partnership agreement with Starlink, the satellite internet service of aerospace company SpaceX, owned by tech billionaire Elon Musk.

In a stockholders meeting last Friday, Uy said that: “On SpaceX, we’ll be prepared to discuss in due course any material transaction that may take place.”

The CEO added that referring to any agreements with SpaceX, “There’s none at this point.”

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With that, the chairman said that the company is actively pursuing other satellite providers for a partnership, which could help bring high-speed internet to a lot of far-flung areas in the Philippines.

Uy said they believe that Converge’s fiber broadband services complement satellite technologies. The company expressed its want to “reach more unserved remote areas in the country.”

This news came after Starlink’s registration was recently approved by the NTC. On the company’s website, Starlink said that the service will be available in the country by the last quarter of the year.

The target date seems highly plausible since the government has been actively pushing and helping SpaceX to start its operations in the Philippines before the Duterte administration ends this June.

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  1. What’s the benefit of having Converge in the picture? Can Starlink not operate without them? Why Converge seemed to feel entitled to choose and in control to which satellite company to deal with? My apologies in advance. I just want to be enlightened and maybe some other netizens as well.