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Smart GigaX plans for Huawei P20 series revealed

huawei p20 pro

The Huawei P20 series is probably one of the best family of smartphones that are out today. They have appealing designs, great cameras, and a really enticing price tag.

Last week, the company unveiled the Huawei P20 official prices here in the Philippines, which clearly shows how compelling these devices are. For a perspective, the Galaxy S9 — Samsung’s base model flagship Php45,990. By contrast, the P20’s top-of-the-line offering is Php1,000 cheaper at Php45,990.

Huawei P20 Pro Philippines

But if you still don’t have the means to get one — you have two options. One, you can join the P20’s trade-in program or get it via Smart’s GigaX plans.

The Huawei P20 series Smart GigaX plans allow you to score any of Huawei’s current smartphones at more comfortable payment terms. It’s like getting the device via credit card, but with free data allocations and call and text loads.

huawei p20 lite price specs feautres availability

The Huawei P20 Lite is available FREE for Php1,299/month. This includes unlimited all network texts and 50 minutes of all network calls. There’s also a 10GB data allocation for video streaming and 4.5GB for other things — which totals to 14.5GB of consumable data.

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If you want to step it up, you can get the Huawei P20 for Php1,699/month. Just like the P20 Lite plan, it has 50 minutes of calls and unlimited calls to all networks. The 14.5GB of data allocation is also distributed to video streaming (10GB) and web browsing (4.5GB).

Lastly, we have not only Huawei’s best — but one of the most appealing offerings in Android — the Huawei P20 Pro. The device is available for Php2,399 per month. Unlike the first two phones, it has bumped up plan inclusions.

huawei p20 pro

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The Huawei P20 Pro GigaX Plan comes with 60 minutes of calls and unlimited texts to all networks. The data allocation was also increased to 15GB — 10GB for video streaming and 5GB for web browsing and other activities.

All of these plans are subject to a 24-month lock-in period. In addition, GigaX plans have a data rollover feature, which means that the unused data will be added to the following month’s allocation. It will only expire if it’s still left unused after the next month.

To avail the Huawei P20 series GigaX plans, head to any Smart store nationwide. And if you’re application gets approved, you also have a chance to win two roundtrip tickets to Cebu.


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