Several weeks ago, OPPO officially introduced their newest flagship smartphone in the Philippines. The new OPPO Find X, as most people already know by now, packs some serious hardware and neat features inside its gorgeous body.

For the OPPO Find X’s price tag of Php49,990, you might want to take your time on getting to know this smartphone before making that big purchase decision. To help you with that, here’s our quick unboxing and hands-on before we dig in deeper for our full review.

Right from the first glance, it’s obvious that OPPO did a lot of work in designing the Find X. That’s something that you will immediately feel right from the handset’s packaging.


It comes with a textured cardboard box, with the “Find X” branding etched on the top, and the OPPO logo on the side. There’s a pull out tab that reveals the actual device and its accessories.

The OPPO Find X review unit that we have doesn’t come with the official inclusions. But in the actual retail packaging, you’ll have the device sitting right on top. Below it is a packet that houses the SIM ejector tool, protective case, quick start guide and the warranty card.

There’s also the VOOC wall adapter underneath, the 3.5mm headphone jack to USB Type-C adaptor, and a small case that houses the earphones and the Type-C cable.



The first thing that you’d immediately notice about the OPPO Find X is its gorgeous screen. On paper, the Find X sports a 93.8% screen-to-body ratio. But even that number is not enough to represent how gorgeous it looks in person.

Sure, there are still some bezels on the sides, but this is definitely the thinnest that we have seen on a smartphone. Also, unlike other devices that makes “bezel-less display” claims, they definitely have nothing against this completely notch-less smartphone.


Well, maybe we can make an exception for the Vivo NEX S, since they have an identical way of implementing this innovative design.

For those who are unaware, what I’m talking about is its pop-up camera. Both the Vivo NEX S and the OPPO Find X uses the same technology, but the one on the Find X looks more seamless and well-integrated.

Unlike the NEX S, the Find X has the entire top of the phone slide up to reveal the 25-megapixel front camera and the dual 16-megapixel and 20-megapixel shooters in the back.


The mechanism also works really fast. The camera immediately emerges from the top in almost a split-second.  Its speed actually plays a big factor on the device’s 3D face scanning technology.

Instead of opting for an in-display fingerprint scanner, or at least having the traditional placement at the back, OPPO made a bold move to completely remove the said sensor. Instead, they equipped the Find X with an advanced 3D facial scanning technology, similar to what Apple did with the iPhone X.


I played with it for a little while and found out that it did work incredibly well. It can detect your face even from a few feet away. It eliminates my need of the traditional biometric function, but it’s a bummer that they had to remove it.

Going back to the rear cameras, I was a blown away by how it performs. I fired it up, didn’t touch any of the settings, and it was able to take really impressive photos.

The most striking thing about it is the dynamic range and the sharpness. The initial images I took had incredible detail. It also has balanced contrast, which was visible from the images taken in good lighting conditions.

The colors look really striking, which is projected by its beautiful Super AMOLED display. We’ll have to extensively test the Find X’s camera under different scene scenarios for our full review.

The OPPO Find X clearly has an interesting design. As you can see, the back of the device has a really unobtrusive design, so your attention will focus on the screen on the front. As of the moment, the device is available in Bordeaux Red and Glacier Blue.


Almost the entirety of the OPPO Find X is tinted in black, with only the corners and edges exhibiting the unique color variant. And since it’s covered in glass, it reflects attractively with light.

OPPO Find X also has curved edges and comfortable weight, making it really ergonomic to hold. But I must admit, its luxurious build and expensive price makes it feel fragile.

Well, that’s it for now. We’re currently testing this device to further determine its capabilities. As I stated earlier, the OPPO Find X comes with really capable hardware, so we’re excited to test that out. We also want to see how the camera performs in different scene scenarios.

The OPPO Find X is available in the Philippines for a price of Php49,990.

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