Even though the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has the edge in terms of specs, real-life tests still say that the iPhone XS Max is faster.

As expected, consumers and reviewers alike are pitting the latest iPhones against the best Android has to offer. On top of  that list is the Galaxy Note 9, which was recently launched by Samsung as its 2nd flagship for the year.

Of course, these real world tests can’t paint the whole picture with regards to speed. But it’s still good to see how modern devices fare against each other in synthetic tests.

The video we have here came from PhoneBuff. In order to remove human interference, they used a robotic arm to help with the tests. The only thing it does is click like a human, so there’s really not much into it aside from the coolness factor.

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The tests include launching multiple apps and games in order to gauge their processing power and how good their memory management are. In the end, the Galaxy Note 9’s top of the line 8GB RAM version finished the test slower than the base 4GB RAM model of the iPhone XS Max. Watch the video above and see it for yourself.

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