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Android phones have always been the go-to devices of enthusiasts. Especially those who are into game emulators.

We’ve seen people retro games from Nintendo NES to 3DS games on Android. That’s quite easy, considering how old these games are. But apparently, it’s not limited to aging titles, as Nintendo Switch games can also run on modern smartphones. Albeit, it’s not as 100% as the older emulators.

Image | Taki Udon

Wololo spotted a working Nintendo Switch emulator on Android, but the method is a little sketchy. It uses stolen codes, forced login, weird translations, and whatnot.

As explained on XDA Developers: Codes from the popular Switch emulator on PC, Yuzu, was seen on the said Android emulator. Yuzu is a closed source platform and licensed by GPLv2.

Image | Taki Udon

Moreover, the developers behind it claim to be an American studio that’s been on it for two years. However, their website itself still have some Chinese texts written on it and has poor English translations all throughout.

But when you get past the shady aspect of this emulator and account creation and login, you’d still need a specific controller for it to work.

Image | Taki Udon

It looks a lot like the actual Nintendo Switch controller, with the smartphone mounted in the middle. It’s up for pre-order with a whopping price of USD99.99 (now $69.99).

It’s been speculated that the Switch Android emulator was developed by the guys who made the controller themselves as a marketing campaign.


On the upside, it looks like a lot of Nintendo Switch games are working on this emulator. The video above, which was from Taki Udon, demoed the emulator using a Realme X50 Pro 5G.

It shows the emulator running Pokemon Sword and Shield, Super Mario Odyssey, Pokemon Let’s Go, and The Legends of Zelda” Link’s Awakening on the Android device. Although there were some noticeable frame drops.

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