As a social media platform of choice among professionals, LinkedIn has been at the forefront of collecting data that benchmarks companies in their various levels of growth.

This year, the company saw emerging businesses that, despite the pressing difficulties caused by the pandemic, stood to gather people’s attention.

Here is a list of the 10 most promising startups to have sprung from the Philippines, coming from LinkedIn’s 1st Annual Startups list.

#1 Tier One Entertainment

A Southeast Asian esports and gaming talent agency, Tier One Entertainment handles more than 1,000 talents comprising idol groups, esports players, and influencers. 

#2 Shoppertainment LIVE

Shoppertainment LIVE is a live stream shopping network that found its base among sellers looking to sell their products in an online shopping format. 

#3 SariSuki

As an e-commerce platform, SariSuki found a strong foothold by bridging the gap between local farmers and producers and store owners, giving the latter the ability to sell goods at cheaper prices to consumers. 

#4 edamama

With a focus centered on parenting, edamama became a household name among parents that are looking to simplify or promote their role to their children.

#5 Kumu

Kumu is a live streaming application aimed at community development through online shows, contests, and brand partnerships. The platform also enables Filipinos to earn from Kumu by being a content creator.

#6 Philippine Digital Asset Exchange (PDAX)

A digital asset exchange borne out of the country’s inevitable and growing adoption of cryptocurrency, PDAX paved the way for the buying, selling, and trading of global cryptocurrencies using the Philippine Peso.

#7 Growsari

With a push to go digital, but more importantly, to offer small community stores or sari-sari stores the amenities that comes with incorporating technology with their business, Growsari has been finding relevance in a large micro-entrepreneur market. 

#8 Peddlr

Having the purpose of equipping micro-entrepreneurs with the right set of tools to manage their commercial undertaking, Peddlr makes doing business to be as easy as using mobile devices.


With schools badly hit by the ravaging pandemic, found relevance in keeping education to be as attainable as possible by making it accessible to students while at the safety of their homes.

#10 Prosperna

Prosperna took advantage of its digital marketing expertise by giving micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) the means to build their commercial websites, which they can then use for selling on social while being inclusive of payments and shipping capabilities.

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