A Filipino teenage gamer died May 31 after spending too much time on playing Mobile Legends and forgetting to eat.

Johnreymar, 18, of General Trias City kept failing to address his bodily needs, such as food and rest, as he was fixated with the popular mobile multiplayer game. According to Cavite Connect on Facebook, his excessively long gaming sessions ultimately led to complications in his lungs.

Johnreymar was rushed to the hospital on May 24, but he was returned home as his family could not afford the hospital expenses and that the hospital was already overcrowded with COVID-19 patients. He died a week later.

The parents of Johnreymar reminded gamers to reduce the time they spend on video games. Indeed, gamers should never forget their real life just so they can indulge in the escapism of video games.

If not death, video game addiction can lead to paralysis and other life-altering changes. Parents, meanwhile, should teach their children to manage their time wisely and to make use of modern technology responsibly to avoid addiction. Internet users in the Philippines, including gamers, are among the most Internet-addicted people in the world is already a cause for alarm to change our ways.

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  1. Thanks. True gaming can become an addiction . addiction affect the brain. the portion of the brain that gaming affect is the same portion that shabu , sugar , caffeine and so on affects. if shabu , sugar ,… can affect health by controlling the brain, then there is no reason why gaming cannot. once health is affected and not revive or recovered , the first to manifest is neurological quirkeness. ex. denial , anger and more misbehaviour .if the autonomic part of the brain function is bypass , such as signalling for more nutrient intake , then the biological processes suffer that support life. wcs , death follows.

  2. Maawa nmn kau. Ginwa nyo pang dahiman yung MobileLegends. Magamit lng ang mga agenda nyo.

    Pilipino nga nmn, dapa kna aapakan ka pa.,

    Sana manlang tinanong nyu pamilya. Kung mkapagsalita kau ng Kaka-Mobile Legend. Parang kakilala nyu taiga yung tao. Bakit? Nakausap nyo ba? Na yun tlga ang dahilan? Ay tinamaan kau ng lintek! Ay isip isip naman ng ibang dahilan..puro peke nlng b kaya nyong ibigay n Balita? Ay itigil tigil nyu n kpag ganyan!????

    1. Alam nyo guys, try to understand the News Content, DONT jumped into CONCLUSION. Ako din ay ADDICT at FANATIC sa Mobile Legends. Ang dami kong accounts. Ang Sabi ng News, dahil sa tagal ng paglalaro at NAKALIMUTAN NG KUMAIN. Alam ko na experience natin ito na di makakain. Di natin alam, kung ilang araw na cyang hindi kumain dahil sa kalalaro? Dahil COVID ngayon, di tayo makalabas, laro tayo ng layo ng ML. Kasi pag di tayo kumain, it really affects our HEALTH kasali na jan yung Mata natin na sumasakit. It really complicates a health problem … May be this is a reminder sa atin mga ML gamers na huwag natin pabayaan ating kalusugan. Eat while you play. Thank you.

  3. No… It’s true, no fake news here. Why get mad if the game is truly addicting? I’ve been an Addicted Gamer myself (MMORPG-Starcraft) once, somehow, it altered my life, it disrupted my body clock, lowered my resistance for not sleeping & eating enough/eating right & got psychological effects too etc.
    If Johnreymar had a good immune system from sleeping & eating right, would he be rushed to the hospital? & just so happens that all hospitals, one he was rushed into is also overwhelmed by covid patients, he contracted it… even so, why would his family made mortuary services right in their home when there’s the risk of contagion? He died a week later after he was hospitalized… Should his whole family be tested right away!? Hope their baranggay leader knows what to do. When the best is to cremate the body to stop the virus from spreading.
    Game developers will make more addicting games CONTINUALLY to amass money. But they will not take responsibility to those who succumbed to it & die.
    Just like alcohol & cigarettes, either you are an alcoholic or a chain smoker. These companies will not help when the users die of complications brought by using or abusing the products.

    Seriously man!… These are mind altering!
    Games that go STRAIGHT INTO YOUR BRAIN through your eyeballs & other senses, serious stuff most of us don’t notice.

  4. hahaha.. this is pure bulshit…
    please explain to us the pathophysiology relating playing of mobile legends to lung complications..
    this is a fake news.. please stop spreading fake news.

  5. Now r mothers will convince not to play mobile legends becuz of this stupidity that u made

  6. This is a stupidity just to earn clicks and money.
    They blame MOBILE LEGENDS but the real reason the teenager died is due to covid 19 no over playing of a video game.
    What kind of journalist creating fake news.

  7. It’s moontom NOT montoon
    How are you still working as as a journalist with such low attention to detail?

  8. Complications in the lungs sound like it is linked to COVID-19. Why link this to Mobile Legends? Just for clicks?