Ever wonder why the LOS indicator on your PLDT Home Fiber modem would suddenly start blinking, and you lose your Internet connection? It could be due to routine maintenance. Or it could be because of intentional cable cutting and port disconnection. If you suspect you’re in the latter situation, you can contact PLDT for immediate assistance.

How to report cable cutting and port disconnection incidents to PLDT

PLDT has a dedicated complaint form for reporting technician-related incidents. Available in English and Filipino, the complaint form can be used when you catch technicians who disconnect existing lines to accommodate another subscriber, solicit payments for faster service, or behave unprofessionally.

You may also use the complaint form for unauthorized individuals who claim to be technicians or contractors of PLDT but do not have valid proof of identification.

The complaint form will require you to submit your ticket number or reference number, the date of the incident, and a description of the issue. You will also be asked to provide a mobile number where a PLDT representative can contact you. Any information you submit via the complaint form will be kept safe per the company’s data privacy policy; technicians won’t be privy to what you submitted in the form.

For other issues, such as an application status inquiry or a follow-up on a repair request, PLDT can be reached through several official channels, such as Facebook Messenger, the myPLDT Smart app, or virtual appointment.


Why intentional disconnection and cable theft happen

Technicians and third-party contractors who are in it for the profit alone wouldn’t hesitate to commit illegal activities, such as freeing up ports to process pending applications, even if their actions can badly affect existing subscribers.

PLDT is reminding the public that the company doesn’t require customers to pay any fees to move up in the application queue or have their repair requests prioritized. Condoning this will only encourage technicians and contractors to continue with their abuse.

The cables are also worth a lot of money, hence the rise of cable theft in recent times. For instance in March 2022, A woman in Barangay Camputhaw, Cebu City was allegedly caught in the act of cutting a five-meter cable wire worth Php22,000 and disrupting the connection of 200 internet subscribers in the area.

Note that these issues aren’t isolated to PLDT, as other internet service providers and their subscribers also suffer from similar incidents. In June 2022, Sky Cable launched its Oplan Kontra Putol to combat cable theft. Last month, Globe coordinated with the authorities to apprehend violators of the Anti-Cable Television and Cable Internet Tapping Act of 2013. Among those caught were third-party contractors.

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  1. Just like this week..a certain person name ferdinand of fibrehome installer called me at night suprisingly upon paying the dp of pldt..he said that he has the JO and he will.be the one who will.activate our internet and he will.just change the modem since the equipment was installed 2 wks ago but still.it was not acrivated upon installation..since i thought that it is true because he have my info and contact number..he told me if ever some tech people from fibrehome will call me he said just tell them.that you ha already a contractor from fibrehome to activate my internet..so.he schedule me that he will.be coming home at 7am sat morning but i told him it is still to early and i said to make it at 8am sharp and so he agreed on my sked..but past 9am sat he didnt appeared and i called him but he said he still got finish his work and just let me txted her..at around pn he texted me.to wait as he still doing something but unfortunately he didnt come or call texted.me the reason for not coming.on that day as we.agreed..days past my internet service still.im.limbo..
    The next day i.seek.help.from.my neighbor who is working at pldt..this guy help in activating my internet within a minute..i thank to this guy ..he is a good samaritan helper of pldt..thanks to him my internet and tel is now working..i wonder that tech fibrehome installer texh guy maybe has some bad reason to let me hang and maybe to beg him to activate my internet so that i can shell out some amount in order to activate it as he keep me hanging in the air..as he is the one who called me at friday night at 7.47pm and talk at 14 minutes regarding his intentions..FYI..