Starlink has announced a new Internet subscription with a “portability” feature that’s suited for recreational vehicle owners and users who frequently camp and move around.

As Starlink subscribers are aware of, the provided satellite dish should not be displaced as it otherwise loses its Internet connection. The new Starlink for RVs plan removes that limitation; users can now install the dish to their vehicles and enjoy the service elsewhere in their registered continent.

New users can get the plan without the years-long wait, assuming equipment is in stock and they live in a serviceable area. Existing subscribers can have such portability as a $25 monthly add-on feature.


But while it adds portability, the plan comes with its own set of restrictions. For one, the vehicle must not be in motion. For another, users under this plan are de-prioritized and may experience slower speeds. Also, as noted by Elon Musk, the antenna is too big for cars.

It’s unclear if the Starlink RV plan will also be offered in the Philippines, where satellite internet connectivity may be the right solution.

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