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Apple went ahead and launched three new smartphones recently. And with the release of the newer models, the older ones get to have price cuts, which is perfect if you want to skip the slightly unexciting newer iPhones.

The company lowers the price of the iPhone 7, 7 Plus, as well as the iPhone 8, and 8 Plus. Four of the remaining iPhones that still sports the trusty TouchID. And the interesting fact is, the aforementioned models are getting really substantial price cuts.

iphone 7

For starters, the base model iPhone 7 (32GB) is now available for only Php28,990, which is Php6,500 cheaper from its previous SRP of Php35,490. The 64GB model’s old price is now the price of the 128GB variant, that’s 35,490, which is used to be Php41,990.

The iPhone 7 Plus 32GB and 128GB models have also been discounted to Php36,990 (from Php44,990) and Php43,490 (from Php54,590), respectively.

Smart iPhone 8

Other than the 2016 iPhones, the 2017 models are now also cheaper. The iPhone 8 64GB is at Php39,490 (from Php44,990), while the 256GB model now costs Php48,990 (from Php54,590).

In addition, the iPhone 8 Plus 64GB’s original Php51,490 SRP is now down to Php45,990, while the 256GB variant is priced Php55,490 from Php60,990.

iPhone 7, 7 Plus, and iPhone 8, 8 Plus updated price list

  • iPhone 7 (32GB): Php28,990
  • iPhone 7 (64GB): Php35,490
  • iPhone 7 Plus (32GB): Php36,990
  • iPhone 7 Plus (128GB): Php43,490
  • iPhone 8 (64GB): Php39,490
  • iPhone 8 (256GB): Php48,990
  • iPhone 8 Plus (64GB): Php45,990
  • iPhone 8 Plus (256GB): Php55,490

As you can see, the last generation’s iPhone X is not part of the list. That’s because Apple has completely discontinued it in lieu of the new iPhone XS.

But if you really want to wait for the newer models, the iPhone XS and XS Max are expected to arrive in the Philippines sometime in October, while the iPhone XR will come on a later date.

The iPhone XS has a starting price of USD999 (~Php53,800), the XS Max costs USD1,099 (~Php59,400), while the cheaper iPhone XR model will begin at USD749 (~Php40,400).

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