Apple AirPods Pro Lite in the works, suppliers prepare for iPhone 9 production


We have more Apple hardware news.

Reports are suggesting that Apple is forming a partnership with new suppliers in Taiwan. This is due to the coronavirus that’s currently affecting China, which forced a lot of Apple’s long-time suppliers to delay production.


DigiTimes reported that Apple is working with its new supply chain partners in Taiwan for upcoming products like a new Apple Watch, iMac, iPad, and a rumored Apple AirPods Pro Lite.

Other than working with this new product, no other information was given about this new TWS earphones from Apple.


Knowing Apple, we’re unconvinced that they will ever use a ‘Lite’ naming to any of its products. Also, it looks weird to attach the word ‘Lite’ to a ‘Pro’ product. But it’s already 2020, and anything can happen.

If we were to speculate, this could be a cheaper version of the current AirPods Pro, which is available in the Philippines for Php14,990. Possibly an in-ear version of the AirPods 2, minus the noise-cancellation feature.


This next report is for the upcoming ‘budget’ iPhone, the iPhone 9.

The said device have entered trial production earlier this month. Now, reports suggest that Taiwan suppliers are gearing up to mass-produce this product. Right on schedule from the previous information that we got.

For a quick recap, the iPhone 9 is expected to have the iPhone 8’s design, with faster hardware, but a more affordable price tag. We’ve compiled everything we know about the iPhone 9 for you to check out.


The iPhone 9 might arrive on schedule, but the iPhone 12 might be delayed. As per the unnamed sources from suppliers in China, the iPhone 12 models might not proceed in the scheduled June 2020 production in China, also due to the coronavirus outbreak.

It’s not clear if Apple will move the iPhone 12 production in Taiwan. But whatever the case may be, we still expect Apple to unveil the successor to the iPhone 11 series in September.

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