OpenSignal has published its Fixed Broadband Experience report in the Philippines for July 2023.

The analytics company found that Converge ICT provided the fastest broadband download and upload speeds for the said month. Converge apparently achieved 52.8Mbps of average speeds, which is 6.7Mbps (14.6%) faster than the second-placer, PLDT.


Meanwhile, Converge achieved an average upload speed of 35.9Mbps, which is 12.5Mbps faster than PLDT and 15.2Mbps better than Globe.

But in terms of consistency, Globe and PLDT dominated as their scores tied at 50.7-51.7%. That’s the number of users that were able to receive the minimum recommended performance thresholds to watch HD videos, play games, and join video conferences. Converge is at the third spot with 47.7%.



OpenSignal also analyzed which telco is the best in key areas in the Philippines and found out that Converge and PLDT are the ones to beat in Metro Manila, Converge dominated both Cebu City and Davao City.

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