With Globe, Smart, and Converge ICT intent on offering satellite-based Internet services, DITO Telecommunity wants to get in on the action too. The local telco is planning to use satellite tech to serve remote areas that are typically unserved or underserved by service providers due to implementation challenges.

DITO chief technology officer Rodolfo Santiago revealed that the company is already in talks with a satellite provider to deploy cellular services in remote areas in the Philippines.

In order to reach their 84-percent coverage target on year five of their operations, Santagio said the company needs to roll out to island municipalities where 20 percent of the population resides.

As part of the solution, the company said it needed to partner with a satellite provider. DITO is also aiming to construct between 7,000 and 7,500 towers by mid-2023 to add to its existing 550 towers.

DITO’s number of subscribers recently surpassed 9 million in June, a massive jump from the one million it had in the same month of the previous year.

DITO did not reveal the name of the satellite internet provider it was negotiating with and would only disclose further details once a deal is signed.

Source: Inquirer

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  1. How about the application before that the contractor let to signed last year.That the will start the construction of tower.Pls.assure us ,we the owner of the lot .