For years, users have complained about their iPhones slowing down, with some even suing Apple for the supposed planned obsolescence of their devices. There’s apparently one simple trick to get more out of your aging device: setting your iPhone’s region to France.

Why setting your location to France can make your iPhone faster

If you know your iPhone history, Apple did admit it deliberately throttled the performance of iPhones. Countries and users promptly sued, with France fining Apple for 25 million euros.

Apparently having learned its lesson, Apple no longer uses its performance management system in that country.

According to some Chinese users, setting an iPhone’s region to France will allegedly give a performance boost. However, MyDrivers say there’s nothing to it and it won’t really affect performance at all.

But in case you want to try it out, here are some steps you can follow.


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How to set your iPhone region to France

Open Settings, select your name, and select Media & Purchases. Select View Account, and sign in if asked. Select Country/Region, then select Change Country or Region. Review the policies and confirm.

How to check if it works

You’ll need to use a benchmarking tool/app to get a performance score for your iPhone. Do this before and after switching regions to compare the results.

Does the trick work on all iPhones?

This seems to work only on older iPhone models. Benchmarking results on the iPhone 12 Pro reportedly have no significant variations regardless of region.

What’s the catch?

The point of Apple’s performance management system was to prioritize battery life by slightly reducing the overall performance of the phone. By switching region to France, thereby supposedly turning off said system, your phone might unexpectedly shut down more often.

Have you tried this out? What do you think?

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