iPhone XR

It appears that Apple struck oil with the iPhone XR.

In a recent report from Counterpoint Research, the iPhone XR was hailed as the top-selling smartphone model globally for Q3 2019 with a 3% market share. Being one of the most affordable iPhones ever released, it appealed to people wanting that iOS experience without the typical Apple tax.


The demand for this device became even strong thanks to its recent dramatic price drop. Its successor, the iPhone 11, managed to take the fifth spot at 1.6%. Just like its predecessor, it’s expected to surpass its more expensive brothers, the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max.

Surprisingly, an attainable low-end smartphone didn’t top this list. Instead, we have the Samsung Galaxy A10 on the second spot.


There are two other Samsung smartphones on this list. We have the midrange Samsung Galaxy A50 at the third spot and the Samsung Galaxy A20 seventh seat.

OPPO also managed to put three devices on the list, thanks to its features centered on mainstream consumers and strong marketing efforts.


The new OPPO A9 2020 is at the fourth spot (1.6%), the ever-so-popular OPPO A5s (1.5%), and the OPPO A5 (1.3%).

There’s only one Xiaomi device that made put to the list. Thanks to its strong sales in India, the Xiaomi Redmi 7A (1.2%) managed to take the ninth spot.


Huawei also managed to take at least a single seat on this top list. The Huawei P30 (1.1%), one of the last flagship device from Huawei (at least as of writing) to come with Google services, got the tenth spot.

The company might continue to slip out from lists like this if the US-China trade war don’t get sorted out soon.


Unlike the previous years, we only have three flagship smartphones in the last quarter’s list. Why? Midrange smartphones have become more powerful, prompting most consumers to lose interest in spending more on flagship devices.

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