It’s been a pretty tough couple of years for the smartphone industry. Almost a lot of brand experienced slowing sales, which is credited to a lot of factors.

As per Counterpoint Research, some of the key reasons behind the slow smartphone sales are the overall economic downturn, and the less attractive innovations in new smartphones, which prompts users to delay their plan of upgrading their smartphones.


Still, despite the pressure in the market, a couple of prominent companies was still able to secure a seat on the top 10 list of smartphone global sales for 2018.

Apple, and six of its iPhones, dominated the list. The iPhone X, as well as the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, took the first three spots, respectively. They have collectively sold 100 million units worldwide.

iPhone X-noypigeeks

The newer iPhone XS Max and the more value-oriented iPhone XR managed to take the 7th and 8th spot. While the iPhone XS and is uninteresting value prohibited it from entering the top list.

Due to the increasing prices of the new newer and notched iPhones, people found a really great value on the iPhone 7. Allowing it to take the 4th place.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus Price in the Philippines — NoypiGeeks

Meanwhile, Samsung seconds Apple with the most appearances in this top 10 list. The Samsung Galaxy S9 (6th) and Galaxy S9 Plus (9th) managed to make the cut. While the value-oriented Galaxy J6 is proven a hit to emerging markets, allowing it to take the 10th spot.

Lastly, we have Xiaomi and the Redmi 5A on the 5th spot — the only representative of the popular Chinese smartphone market in this global list. Thanks to its appealing specs and cheap price, Xiaomi was able to sell nearly 20 million units of this device last year.


Quite interestingly, not a single Huawei device as able to make it. But as per Counterpoint, the company had a lot of best-selling devices last year, with the P20 Lite now in the hands of 13 million users worldwide.

We shall expect to see Huawei devices to be part of the top 10 global smartphone sales list for 2019. Considering the traction brought by their hard-hitters like the Mate 20 Pro and P30 Pro models.

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